The Slice Harvester, King of New York Pizza, Launches New Talk Show With All Women Punk Rockers

The Slice Harvester, also known as Colin Atrophy Hagendorf, is something of a New York City punk rock legend in that he is the only person on record who has eaten in, documented, and rated every regular-joe pizza spot in Manhattan. (The tally: over 400, as noted in his 2015 book, Slice Harvester: A Memoir in Pizza.)

For more than a year, Hagendorf combined his expertise in both punk and pizza on his podcast, Radio Harvester, in which he interviewed band members, artists, and other punk-adjacent folks about their relationships to music, lifestyle, and pizza. Today, he takes that idea to its next logical spot with Pizza Pals, a terrific new Taste Talks show with musicians discussing their craft over a slice or several in one of Hagendorf’s favorite spots.

This first episode, directed by Daniel Ralston, features Perfect Pussy vocalist (and Jezebel contributor) Meredith Graves giving a Rohrschach test out of pizza grease, but what’s also awesome is that every other guest for the next eight episodes is a tuff, influential woman musician in the punk and/or rock scenes: Priests’s Katie Alice Greer, Shady Hawkins’s Suzy Exposito, Downtown Boys’s Victoria Ruiz, Screaming Females’s Marissa Pasternoster, Aye Nako’s Jade Payne, Frankie Cosmos’s Greta Kline, and Cassie Ramone of Vivian Girls and The Babies. Hagendorf makes no note of that, mind you—it just is, which makes me more excited to watch, plus he’s a charming host who knows everything about pizza, everyone’s favorite thing. Forthcoming episodes will debut on Taste Talks.


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why would you ever give your kid the middle name Atrophy

did they mean he was A Trophy?