'The Sweetest Bitch You'll Ever Meet' Is Nowhere to Be Found in Jersey Shore's Reunion Trailer

After many long months of teasing the series (and even announcing its renewal for a second season), MTV has finally released a trailer for its upcoming Jersey Shore reboot, Family Vacation. Based on the 98-second clip, it’s going to be a lot like the original Jersey Shore, only this time they’re in Miami, everyone’s barely recognizable, many of them have kids (which they left at home, thank god), and one of them recently plead guilty to tax evasion and faces prison time.


As I have made clear in the past, Jersey Shore holds a special place in my heart, and I am wildly (perhaps embarrassingly) excited to watch this new season of antics. At its best, Jersey Shore was wacky and not unpleasant—a show about people who genuinely like each other getting crazy, getting wild, partying, and getting loud, as a temporary escape from their real lives. (It has always been my opinion that good friends make better, more satisfying reality television than enemies.)

With Sammay out of the mix and a chance for Angelina (UMMMMMM, HELLO!?!?) to redeem herself, I have a feeling this show will be more heartwarming than drama-filled. And that’s the Jersey Shore I love the most—a big group of drunk people acting like idiots at night, then groggily recounting the evening in their sweatpants the next day while eating out of a giant jar of pickles.

Screenshot: MTV

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