The Trailer for Anna Kendrick and Blake Lively's Mommy Blogger Thriller Contains No Actual Blogging

Way back in August of last year, I was made aware of a new Paul Feig thriller titled A Simple Favor, in which Anna Kendrick stars as a mommy blogger searching for her missing BFF, a savvy PR executive played by Blake Lively. It immediately became my favorite movie, even though I hadn’t seen a second of it. And now the trailer is here, featuring Kendrick in all her pom-pom-covered sweater glory.

The movie is based on the book A Simple Favor, by Darcey Bell, and Kendrick plays Stephanie, a mommy blogger living in Connecticut who befriends the chic, secret-keeping, tuxedo-wearing Emily (Lively) who then mysteriously vanishes one day. While the premise might suggest the movie is a gritty thriller (and it seems to be marketed that way), given that this is a Paul Feig project I suspect this will be funnier than it’s letting on. Or, perhaps I’m just hoping it’s funnier than it’s letting on. Either way, Anna Kendrick as a crime-solving mommy blogger is funny enough, as is Lively dressing like she’s going to the Met Opera in every scene of this trailer, no matter how serious the tone.

“Emily, if you are out there,” Kendrick says with a nervous laugh. “We’re all really worried!” Take it to your blog, Stephanie!


The movie hits theaters September 14.

Pop Culture Reporter, Jezebel

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Like the premise, HATE grown adults using the word “mommy.”