The Trailer for Why Him? Is Peak Dad

The red band trailer for the Christmas movie Why Him? has enough humor and foolishness in it to warrant interest in seeing James Franco play an obnoxious “internet zillionaire” boyfriend who’s a source of hatred, and Bryan Cranston, the man we came to love as a meth-dealing pathological liar on Breaking Bad, as DAD.


This is yet another flip on the family-movie trope of men vying for the love and approval of their partner’s dad pre-proposal. Franco (as Laird Mayhew) wants to win DAD over but DAD wants someone for his daughter Stephanie (Zoey Deutch) who’s maybe less of a d-bag. Does Stephanie only exist to defend this crazy man? “No father would want their daughter with this guy,” says Cranston, playing Ned.

The movie also stars Keegan-Michael Key and Megan Mullally, and what presumably happens in the end is that DAD chills out, sees the error in his ways, and there’s a beautiful wacky wedding.

Culture Editor, Jezebel

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skip the franco, and just watch the first season of “cuckoo” on netflix. nearly the same story, but with a lovable (and sexy af) andy samberg as the weirdo boyfriend.