The X-Files Will Continue Its Ceaseless Search for the Truth in A New Season on Fox

Great news for fans of Dana Scully, Fox Mulder and their indefatigable search for the truth, which is certainly still around somewhere—there will be more X-Files coming our way.


Deadline reports that Fox has picked up 10 episodes of The X-Files to start production this summer, in what is essentially a continuation of last year’s reboot. This is the eleventh season of a show that has not been on the air with any regularity since 2002 so its return is very exciting stuff, indeed. The formula for the show will always work; people love a mystery and even though the four episode reboot seriously screwed the pooch in its attempt to handle a trans narrative with any sort of sensitivity, there’s still hope. Ten episodes is enough time to make both good and bad shit in equal measure. Some of it might be terrible but some of it might be really, really good.

Not much has been revealed about the plot and there’s no air date set for this yet, but there is this teaser poster which gives me a little bit of a headache to look at.

Photo: Fox
Photo: Fox

There’s Mulder and there’s Scully. There’s...something in the middle that is either the logo or a secret message that fans will spend the rest of the year trying to decipher.

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So I didn’t hate last season like everyone but I was dissapointed overall.

What I want is for chris charter to pull a Lucas and back away and let Morgan, Wong, and gilligan write some awesome stuff.

I love these characters so much and want a better ending for them.