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The best, most beautiful, weird as hell show The Young Pope is coming back for a second season as The New Pope, with Jude Law still playing the mysterious, Cherry Coke Zero-loving pope Lenny Belardo. But he’s bringing a new pope with him.


Law’s pope reportedly has a predecessor in John Malkovich, who Deadline reports has been cast as the lead in The New Pope. I’m assuming that means Malkovich, Malkovich, Maaaaalkovich, is playing the titular “New Pope.”

For some reason, this is not actually a second season of The Young Pope. This pope is new, okay??? Variety reported in 2017 that the show would focus again on the modern papacy with one source saying that it “will have a different twist than what would be expected.” Sources told the publication, as well, that some of the first season’s characters might possibly return. Thank GOD because I really would like to see what other great t-shirts Sister Mary has in her wardrobe.

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