These Were My Favorite Outfits From the 2017 Latin Grammys, Don't @ Me

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As we trudge into awards season and grip ourselves for the requisite onslaught of gowns whose sponsorships supplement the lifestyles of the women wearing them, it’s always a good time to look at the rare red carpet where personal style takes precedence over corporate favors. With that, I present to you, the 2017 Latin Grammys, one of my favorite nights of the year.

This is not a regular Good/Bad/Ugly; today I only feel like praising the best, because it is Friday and there’s enough rude bullshit in the fashion world at this juncture, not to mention everywhere else. So let’s discuss these sick fits, examples of individual flair at their best.


Above, Camila Cabello played woodland faerie princess in a gauzy Monique Lhullier, and Juliana Gattas and Alejandro Sergi, of Argentine duo Miranda!, prove that couples dressing need not be droll, and it’s even better if you look like you’re going to audition for an off-Broadway version of Cabaret via Beach Blanket Babylon. Divine!

If there’s anything the recent news cycle has taught us, it’s that women need armor! And perhaps weapons! Here are three ways of doing that.

Ana de Armas is like colorful rainforest flora whose beauty attracts insects in order to eat them. She might be dressed like a strong, rare type of bird, but get a little closer and those feathers are in fact KNIVES. Gaby Moreno has a built-in shield around her body in order to deflect unwanted touches by gross dudes, and Jackie Cruz just went as a fucking cyborg so you know that if you mess with her, she might morph and go Ex Machina on your ass. But fashion!


Colombian actor Sara Corrales was just like “I’m a superhero by way of a Miami VIP and you can’t front on me,” and therefore we wont! Work it, Sara Corrales.


Issa color story: Argelia Atilano in green the color of money and a shag that is inspiring me to do bangs again; Mikel Erentxun repping the climes of Venezuela in his ill-as-hell jacket; Mon Laferte is making me want to pick up an acoustic guitar and run off into the highlands; Victoria Kuhne is like “you want Gucci? I’ll give you Gucci” and then just layering like 50 pieces at the same time almost until the joke’s on Alessandro Michele.


Danay Suarez! I am here for this crisp, gorgeous simplicity! But I’m also here for the god Lila Downs’s lace-and-neon-appliqués. But wait! I’m also here for Rosalia’s speed-racer gown, which is like if you took the breakaway pants trend of this season and turned it into a red carpet dress with a mock turtleneck! I want to wear this to the Deadspin Awards! It’s like the disco NASCAR version of a 2005 jersey dress. I’m so jealous of this gown!


Last but not least, Bomba Estereo showed out in complimentary hues that also happened to be tailored to match vocalist Li Saunet’s dye job. Is my gal wearing Irregular Choices with socks and tights and fur trim on the handbag? You fucking bet she is. This is the fashion refreshment we need.

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