'Here' Is Your Weekend Anthem For Ghosting That Crappy Party

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Alessia is an 18-year-old singer-songwriter from the suburbs near Toronto worth watching: the first single off her Def Jam debut is phenomenally good. Over an Isaac Hayes sample and a slinky, snapped-tight snare, she loops her voice around a lazily defiant melody, heavy on presence but lightly tapping the beat. She raises the battle cry of the thoroughly (as the lyrics go) unimpressed with this/ an antisocial pessimist, in this ode to the worst type of people you’ll find at any party: the boy trying to get with you, the girl talking about her haters when “she ain’t got none.” Sing it in your head tonight when you leave the bar without telling anybody!

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Carson McCrullers

This is my new life anthem, since the ghost-out is my preferred exit strategy for almost any social situation (my grandpa always referred to it as “the old Irish exit,” but I don’t really know why)