This Is Us Producers Want Milo Ventimiglia to Fill Jack's Urn

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Isaac Aptaker and Elizabeth Berger, writers and producers for This Is Us, the tearjerker that doesn’t jerk a single tear out of me, keep buff dad Jack Pearson’s little gold urn in their office. And they want Milo Ventimiglia to fill it.


“For all of our props that get carried through time, there’s different aged versions of it, so there’s actually multiple urns. We have an older one,” Aptaker told Variety in an interview about their office. “It’s one of those objects that has so much meaning and is both sad but has this hope, too.” But the urn is currently empty, considering that Jack Pearson is fictional character and thus has no ashes to speak of, which is quite unfortunate since it seems like a lovely prop urn. BUT Aptaker and Berger DO have an idea for how to put the urn to use:

Theirs is empty, though Aptaker says they should “ask Milo to write something” that they can keep in it.


Well, isn’t that sweet. Get Milo to fill the urn! With something.

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I like this show, in a “this is fluff that also occasionally hits me in the feels, plus Sterling K Brown is amazing and so I will watch him in anything plus and also I still want to be BFF with Mandy Moore” kind of way. But MY GOD do the writers and creators believe their own hype and take it way, way too seriously.