This Little Women Trailer Seems Very Focused On Getting Married

When I think of Little Women, I think of getting your hand smacked over pickled limes, Beth’s last breath, Jo cutting her hair, and the bond between sisters that translates no matter the time period. But maybe I need to re-read it, because this trailer for the Masterpiece theater adaptation makes it seem like it’s mostly about getting married.

It opens with Aunt March declaring, “Four small children is a recipe for heartache, headache, and indigestion,” which seems like a good segue for some of the hijinks mentioned above, but it veers almost directly in the importance of finding “real love” from “good men.” This may be an attempt to snag our modern sensibilities with a promise of romance and intrigue, but I’d rather watch the March girls put on a goofy play or make jam.


Let’s hope the series has more focus on the family and less on how boring Laurie is, and no one should marry him. If not, there’s yet another adaptation of the book expected next year and probably several more within my projected lifespan. We will eventually cover this story from every angle, until all girlish memories of Louisa May Alcott’s classic are satisfied.

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