This Reality Show Is Just Lost But With Real People

If you’re a Lost fan who’s still mad about how the series ended eight years ago, maybe this reality show will fill the void. It is basically a sequel.


According to The Hollywood Reporter, ABC has “quietly” ordered a reality competition series titled Castaways, in which a group of people try to survive on their own in the South Pacific islands:

A description for the series reads a lot like an unscripted spin on Lost, with 12 individuals dropped alone on a string of islets in Indonesia — and documentary-style flashbacks to their lives at home before leaving for the show.

Oh, you mean Lost?

The “alone on an island” setup also rings true of Survivor. But unlike the CBS hit, Castaways will separate its cast in different locations. They’ll come to find there are others, but they don’t know where they are or how many there are. The show also seems to simulate an actual disaster scenario, with contestants left to survive off of washed-up luggage, scattered resources and abandoned structures.

Yes, you mean Lost...

Flashbacks? Others? Disaster scenario? Washed up luggage? Oh, who’s that? Never mind him! That’s the Smoke Monster. Just a Smoke Mon. And that other guy over there is Desmond. He’s been on the island for awhile...Nothing to worry about...Heh.


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There is a show like this already called Alive, I believe on A&E. They drop you in a remote area of some wilderness. So far I’ve seen the coast of Alaska and Patagonia.

They drop you off w/certain tools and camera gear and an emergency phone. Once a week someone comes in to make sure you’re not dying and then leave you to be alone again.

Person who stays the longest gets, I think, 100,000.00. My dad’s a big fan.