This Trailer For the Oscars Is Really Overselling Their Fuck-Up

This trailer for the 2018 Academy Awards makes the show look like 30 minutes of razzle-dazzle fun, which is very different from the usual slog of an experience that is watching the bloated telecast. Perhaps that’s why they emphasized the most notorious moment in Oscars history: last year’s Best Picture flub.


Towards the end of the short trailer advertising host Jimmy Kimmel’s return, they say there will be even “bigger moments and better surprises,” while showing Faye Dunaway and Warren Beatty award the Best Picture prize to the wrong movie. Hopefully not, though, because that was bad, despite the incredible photo ops.

What will be more interesting this Oscar season is seeing how Kimmel and the Academy locate nominees who haven’t been accused of sexual misconduct, and who don’t have ties to Harvey Weinstein. Maybe they’ll give all the awards to Patty Jenkins and Tiffany Haddish? Well, we’ll be tuning in to see who makes the first joke about either mistakenly awarding someone an Oscar, or sexual assault—and we can guess how they’ll land.

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So, what are the nominees even going to be this year? If Wonder Woman gets a few unexpected nods, that might attract some positive attention, even though there’s no way it wins anything but technical awards. I guess Dunkirk is a movie that’s excellent and that many people have seen, so it will both be nominated and be something viewers can root for. Lady Bird and Call Me By Your Name are the indies, and I suppose there are some movies that are yet to be released that will be contenders?

Maybe I’ve just been really out of the loop, but it’s seemed like a weak year with a lot of big budget flops, and I’m wondering if the awards will end up being kind of lackluster due to both that and huge amounts of Weinstein awkwardness. I’m guessing a ton of people are going to be really nervous about what they’ll be asked in interviews, as well. Wonder if that will have any effect on the usual publicity campaigns.