Perfectly encapsulating how I feel every time I step into the 99-cent store by my crib, Santigold’s new album art is a ziploc’d bag of her surrounded by many plastic items both essential and non-.

As Pitchfork reports, Santi White debuted new song “Can’t Get Enough of Myself” on Zane Lowe’s radio show, and discussed the meaning of the album title, 99¢. (Let me save you the trouble: the cent sign on a Mac is Option + 4.) The track’s a dandelion of a pop song, bright and sweet and maybe a little cynical, a reflection of the consumer culture-critiquing album art. As ever, she’s tapped into a zeitgeist, saying the cover is her with “random clutter from my life, shrinkwrapped”—very endearing to know she wears Crocs!—and that “everything is a product, including people, relationships, and everything’s about marketing products,” she says. “And everything’s undervalued! So I thought 99 cents was a good price for me, my life, and my hard work!” One of White’s best qualities is the way she can laugh at the most irksome social bullshit. Very good to have her back, though it’s not yet announced when the album will drop.


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Image via Santigold.

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