Tiffany Haddish on Drunk History Is a Pure, Unadulterated Delight

Photo: Comedy Central

Please consider Tiffany Haddish’s appearance on Drunk History her latest strike in the very effective charm offensive she’s launched on the American public.

Resplendent in a sequined beret and clutching a glass of something icy, Haddish launches into a lively retelling of the legend of Rose Valland (Busy Phillips!!), a curator in Paris who eventually helped recover works of art stolen by the Nazis.

Stripped of Haddish’s lively narration—which includes the most competent interpretation of what German sounds like to a non-native speaker—Valland’s story is heroic: Valland worked at the Jeu De Paume museum, spoke German and was therefore able to track every piece of art the Nazis were stealing and sending to secret locations. Haddish’s retelling forces Busy Phillips to execute an enthusiastic Nae Nae; she also presents the compelling theory that Hitler and Tupac are hanging out.


Valland was the inspiration for Cate Blanchett’s character in The Monuments Men, a George Clooney joint from 2014 that makes for excellent airplane viewing, should it happen to be available. Would I watch that movie picturing Haddish in Blanchett’s role? Yeah. Would I watch a remake of The Monuments Men with Haddish as narrator? You bet your bippy!

Hollywood, get to it.

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