Tig Notaro Wants to 'Pray the Gay to Stay' In the New Trailer for One Mississippi

In the new trailer for One Mississippi, Tig Notaro’s character Tig Bavaro is still in her family’s small town, dealing with the fact that she’s accosted by evangelicals outside her office and having dinner with people who don’t in dinosaurs in her usual deadpan style.

In Season 2, it appears that Bavaro is still interested in her producer, who is played by Notaro’s real-life wife, Stephanie Allynne, who may or may not be expressing mutual desire. Bavaro is advised to go for it, but will she? No answers, but she does tell two randos who show up to convince her to pray the gay away that she actually very much wants it to stay. The new season premieres September 8, and we will be able to confirm that Notaro is as gay, charming and funny as ever.

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KristenfromMA - A Moon Shaped Fool


I have been waiting (not so) patiently for season 2. I hope we get more than 6 episodes.