Tinashe Channels Baywatch and Rescues Dudes in the Booty-Celebratory 'Superlove' Video

Tinashe’s “Superlove” is more than slightly ‘90s, a near-identical interpolation of INOJ’s Rhythm & Quad classic “Let Me Love You Down,” among other references. So the video went fully there, too, taking the beach body concept of Baywatch (“#baewatch”) and pushing it to its choreographed limits. Way to get a jump on the movie, T!

It’s sort of Sports Illustrated swimsuit issue quasi-lurid, as Baywatch was and will no doubt be again, but also amazingly styled and of course, Tinashe is great at both rescuing dudes (rather exasperatedly) from the dang ocean and dancing impeccably. Love those dance moves, which have a little tinge of ‘90s in them too. Booty bass indeed!

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oooook gonna hit the gym tonight after seeing this video. damnit.