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Two of the best songs on Rihanna’s Anti are from the deluxe version: the ballroom homage “Pose,” and the brag-and-grind anthem “Sex With Me,” on which Rihanna oozes with baby-oiled confidence about her own rare prowess. And while we wait for Tinashe’s next album Joyride—out “very soon,” as she told me on the VMAs red carpet last week—the young pop star put her own spin on the latter, hewing to the melody at first before switching up the cadences and cascading harmonies.


The last teaser from Joyride was her fun video for “Superlove”; at the VMAs, we chatted about it briefly right before the show began. “I really wanted the video to reflect the song in that it has a throwback, summery vibe and more of a sarcastic and really bold tone,” she said. “So I wanted it to be campy, over the top, and have a good positive energy,” she said. And as for the guys she saves in it: “There they go, drowning again...” Isn’t that the way.

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