Just a few days in, and Tokyo Fashion Week has already totally inspired me to throw out my entire closet and start dressing like a '70s woodland nymph, or a gothic fox, or a happy yellow lamb. It is like a self-refilling candy dish and its contents get you your life. There was so much more superlative excellence on the runway I can't type fast enough to show you it all, my fingers feel like they're sprinting, probably because of the combination of adrenaline and serotonin I feel from looking at these photos. JOIN ME, WON'T YOU!

Hiroko Koshino is the designer I mean when I refer to dressing "gothic fox," because check the 78-year-old, hallowed Japanese designer's steez for fall:


Oh, "gothic fox" a little too dark for you? Never fear, Koshino has you covered... in quilted, mustard toned nature scenes and, if you so desire, an outfit resembling the clothes of an owl. Bless anime culture for this entire collection, and her own endless fields of imagination:

Oh, you thought that was all? Oh no, because these foxes also have human friends, and Spring and Summer bloom in blues and magentas and kelly greens.


But the excellent, fashion world-invigorating styles aren't just happening on the runway. Normally I don't cape for street style photos because they've been done to their rotting grave and there's nothing natural about them, the streets outside say Lincoln Center might as well be lookbook.nu. HOWEVER, hello to these people who dress for themselves and do not give a flying man repeller what anyone thinks.


Pardon me, why wouldn't you wear a dress made of bleeding smiley faces with a belted obi? Or a matching grey granny ensemble to connote how advanced you are in the area of library science? Or, on the other hand, perhaps you are a man who would like to dress like if Lucious Lyon ran out of his day spa before switching back into business clothes, except in reality you are Dan Nagashima, the creative director behind a fashion label called Oops and you're wearing your own creations.


Or maybe you look almost identical to a guy I dated in 2002, at the height of electroclash, but YDGAF because it's 2015 and if you want to wear mesh, you will wear mesh. Or you are a man who has repurposed kimonos in order to make a lovely layered cape-coat-skirt creation, cozyboy Snuggie realness. Or you are a man wearing what looks to be a sombrero, cross glasses, and longass pointy boots you borrowed from the Méxican fashion culture around the music genre known as 3ball (née tribal guarachero). His whole outfit reminds me of "Sangre, Bandera, Cruz," this modern protest song by the Tijuana group Los Macuanos:

Tokyo Fashion Week, DON'T EVER LEAVE.

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