Space was the place for Monday night’s red carpet premiere of Star Wars: The Force Awakens, probably the most-anticipated movie in American history or at least since The Revenant. Not even at ComicCon have we seen such a confluence of high-fashion glamour and utter commitment to nerddom unite in one common goal, but such is the power of George Lucas (and JJ Abrams, cinematic dictator of space).

Because of the theme, and because of the outsized nature of BEING ON THE CARPET FOR A NEW STAR WARS MOVIE!, attendees clearly felt empowered to go off regular Hollywood red carpo script and feel inspired by the occasion. No one wore that hideous Rodarte collabo, thank god, but there were myriad interpretations of the themes, whether dressing up as literal space (see: Lupita Nyong’o, a galaxy unto her own) or shadowing the style direction of their favorite classic Star Wars characters. As such, it was the most interesting carpet we’ve seen in awhile, and hopefully portends some more creativity as we get into Globes/Oscar season.


Daisy Ridley, The Force Awakens lead, went for a not-so-on-the-nose interpretation of space in a cirrus cloud of a gown by Chloe, while lovely Gwendoline Christie of both Tarth and Phasma mirrored the concept in Oscar de la Renta.

Model Jaime King could have been a torch singer in the cantina band with those wings—imagine vestigial organs coming from the extra sleeves mid-scene?—but nobody could hold a candle to the glimmering mirror of a universe that was Nyong’o, giving Alexandre Vauthier an extra bump in the cachet he already enjoyed.

The cut-outs, up close, from the side:

Bonnie Piesse, who played Beru in Sith and Clones (oh, you thought we weren’t down like that?), is almost-ALMOST in Pantone’s 2016 colors of the year, if you gave them a multivitamin and stuck with the iridescence of it all. Chantel Jeffries is subtle in her galactic fervor, but is giving us full space warrior princess, while Sarah Hyland’s inspiration is relatively straightforward.

And, oh lo, I am compelled to ask: has Zendaya ever left her house wearing anything that was not the most perfectly styled, unique-to-her and uber-cool look ever? I think not. I need a close-up on that mini to figure the fabric; PVC? So boss.

Some attendees took inspiration from the Storm Trooper/Darth Vader hue dichotomy; love Geena Davis’s furry sleeves and Shai Jackson’s metal accoutrements, but Gina Rodriguez is the best because we’re not sure whose side she’s on.

All these looks are super clean and super smart, from Darby Stanchfield’s wide-legged trousers to Diane Sawyer’s demure scooped neckline, but Esmeraude Toubia’s the best in that she combined sleek glam and sexy nerd seamlessly. Love the panda clutch.

High-key, everyday I wake up and am like “Why the fuck am I not friends with Carrie Fisher?” She’s having more fun than any of these people, and she’s a phenomenal writer to boot. CARRIE! CALL ME!

Of course, Princess Leia inspired more than a few looks. Becky G’s casual-royal while Janelle Monáe—who, you must know, is arguably the biggest sci fi fan in music—borrowed the Jedi braid but toned down that film’s exploito-bikini jawn into something very 2016 cyborg. Also, Billie Lourd was literally inspired by Princess Leia because she is Carrie Fisher’s daughter! Also very funny!

Yoda Gordon-Levitt is both trying too hard, and not enough. Dog, seriously? Karreuche Tran and Sofia Vergara (here with that dude she married, Joe Something?) both paid homage with Leia buns and power stances.

This fuckin’ guy.

Respect your set! Mellody Hobson, mega-boss of Dreamworks and also married to this dude named George Lucas, is perfect in her party frock and boots. George is totally the nerd husband who worships her, don’t you think? Oscar Isaac elevated this suit with a red pocket square, and Peter Mayhew elevated all our lives by playing the OG don dada Chewbacca. I wish we had a closer look at what he’s wearing under the tux, though I think I love the cadet grey with olive beneath it.

Everyone, say hello to your heroes. Harrison Ford aka Han Solo kinda never wears a tie but always looks very GQ with it; the look is certainly helped by ever-elegant Calista Flockhart, giving us a ‘30s silhouette. John Boyega, who’s The Force’s lead Finn, chose a shade of eggplant that both compliments him and makes his mark on what’s surely the most important night of his career yet. Joining Han in the dressed-down estilo is Mark Hamill, yes Luke Skywalker, certain future Would U and deserving of a better smoking jacket than the one he’s wearing.

Did you ever notice that Adam Driver is constantly giving a form of blue steel? OR maybe he’s just mad at the fit of his pants. Call your tailor, friend! Billie Dee Williams—LANDO CALRISSIAN!!—has a grandson named Finnegan who shall carry the force unto the next generation, but the dark side has already caught up with Cuba Gooding Junior, who has clearly been kidnapped and forced to wear jeans from 2003. This man deserves better.


Until next year, after we’ve all spent 34 months in line to see this movie, I bid you adieutt doot doot doot doo dutt doot

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