Uzo Aduba Lands the Lead Role in a Race Drama Based on Roots

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Jezebel Shero Uzo Aduba just landed a project starring with Maggie Grace in a Southern drama set in 1977. Yes, Crazy Eyes!


Showing Roots will film in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, and the storyline is based around Alex Haley's classic slavery saga Roots. According to Deadline:

Aduba and Grace will play two denizens of a local beauty parlor who are inspired by the Alex Haley adaptation to integrate their community, only to see pent-up racial tensions erupt in the process.


It's a feature that's clearly right on time. One of the show's executive producers, Michael Mailer, says, "I find that the subject matter has only gotten more relevant in this country. It's a movie that deals with racial healing."

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So Steel Magnolias but not it.