Vanderpump Rules' Tom Sandoval 'Does' Mad Coke in Video for 'I Do Coke'

Tom Sandoval, of Vanderpump Rules fame, has put his considerable acting and hair-flipping skills to use in the newly released video for “I Do Coke,” from EDM producer Kill The Noise’s latest album OCCULT CLASSIC.

“I Do Coke,” out on Skrillex’s label OWSLA, is a nightmare of a song and even more of a nightmare of a video. Sandoval, who increasingly has begun to resemble the weird Southern villain from The Fifth Element, seems to relish the opportunity to really let America know once and for all that acting is reacting, and that he personally is badass as hell. The lyrics are as follows:

I do coke

So I can work longer

So I can earn more

So I can do more coke

The video shows Sandoval “doing” so much coke that he enters into a dream world—I think in real life, he would just die—where cheerleaders with “Snort” on their uniforms force-feed him drugs and a disembodied golden nose sprays white dust everywhere. One scene has our protagonist hoovering up a line of cocaine that spans an entire red carpet.


When I first watched this, I thought, “Wow, good for some of the cast of Vanderpump Rules for finally explaining why it looks like they are on uppers the entire time!” I mean:

Vanderpump Rules’ Jax Taylor, seen while pressuring his girlfriend to get DD’s. (Image via Bravo/screenshot)
Vanderpump Rules’ Jax Taylor, seen while pressuring his girlfriend to get DD’s. (Image via Bravo/screenshot)

However, the press release accompanying the video stresses that the video does not glorify drug use:

The song and video are not pro-drug, but a commentary on destructive habits. Kill The Noise explains: “In this story the message is that if you aren’t careful, you can become figuratively (and literally) consumed by your lifestyle of addiction. The main character in this story has found himself stuck on an endless merry-go-round that goes nowhere.”



I reached out to Tom Sandoval for comment on the video, and weirdly he has not gotten back to me?


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Wow. Really makes me want some coke... You know. So i can work harder.