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Vanessa Williams, the veteran queen of television, has signed on to star in the ABC pilot False Profits, a show about women competing for recognition and MONEY in the beauty industry.

Bellamy Young, aka Mellie Grant from Scandal, will also star in the series, which takes place in Arizona and focuses on a group of entrepreneurs and sellers in the cosmetics space, which sounds like the sitcom version of a Shark Tank episode where every judge is Bethenny Frankel. I’m prematurely into it.


According to The Hollywood Reporter:

Williams will play Suzanne, the “chief” of a successful “tribe” of saleswomen who wants to add Laura (Young) to her cluster of money-making devotees. Suzanne dangles the prospect of a fabulous income in front of Laura but becomes mercilessly competitive the moment that Laura starts her own tribe of three.

Tribe, like an Avon tribe. Williams has done shows on ABC for years now, previously Ugly Betty, Desperate Housewives and 666 Park Avenue, and then Vh1's Daytime Divas.

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