Screenshot: Youtube

Veep is returning for its final season March 31, and boy am I going to miss the Selina Meyer crew figuring out a hundred new ways to call Jonah Ryan a human beanstalk. But it turns out that the show’s reputation for churning out the harshest insults is causing problems in Julia Louis-Dreyfus’s personal life.

When Louis-Dreyfus went on the Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon on Thursday night, she revealed that because her character curses so much (and beautifully, I might add) on the show, she now curses a lot in real life, too. “I don’t mean like your standard fare. I mean like the really bad ones,” she says. “I’ve gotten very used to using that language and I have to check myself.”

“I’m like, oh, can I have some more of that mother-f***ing, c**k-su***ng maple syrup?” she says. (The curse words were obviously bleeped out on air.)

Isn’t that the Selina Meyer way! Except, she’d probably ask Gary to get her the maple syrup.