Controversial Sculpture at Walker Art Center Will Be Ceremonially Burned

Image via Walker Art Center/Gene Pittman
Image via Walker Art Center/Gene Pittman

After protests concerning the removal of controversial Sam Durant sculpture Scaffold, which recreates a series of famous gallows including one used to hang 38 Native men during the US-Dakota War of 1862, the artwork will now be dismantled starting Friday and then burned in a ceremony.

According to Hyperallergic, the removal of the wood will take at least four days and the exact location for the burning has not been decided yet. The ceremony will be led by the Dakota Spiritual Leaders and Elders who spoke out against Scaffold and met with Durant and the Walker Art Center for a meditation after protests.


The Walker has also agreed to never construct this artwork again. Durant has also reportedly confirmed he will never create Scaffold again and will also transfer the intellectual property rights to the Dakota people.

“As the Executive Director of the Walker, I regret the pain that this artwork has brought to the Dakota community and others,” Walker Executive Director Olga Viso wrote in a statement earlier this week.

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Global Beet

Reading the comments from the previous article (and I’m willing to bet this article as well) I just have to repeat the fact that I’m positive I would not get along with the majority of the people who read this site. It’s really easy to spout off with meaningless platitudes about “art” and how sacred art is when there is no history of subjugation/genocide/slavery in which others can exploit for profit/notoriety that your people have to constantly grapple with.

Dollars to donuts these very dipshits would be saying the same thing to black people if they took offense to a sculpture of Emmit Till getting beat to death.

White, self-described, progressives, do better and be better.