Watch a Bunch of Famous People Sing While Having Sex in the Hello, Again Trailer

Here’s a look at the trailer for Hello, Again, a sexy movie musical featuring a lot of people you know and some people you might recognize singing dramatically while also having sex.

Per Deadline, Hello, Again is an adaptation of a 1994 musical of the same name, which itself is a take on La Ronde, a “scandal-causing” play by one Alfred Schnitzler, written in 1897, but first made into a film in 1950. Like a musical, sexy version of New Year’s Eve, the plot follows an ensemble cast of horny people through various eras of of history in New York City. Per various descriptions of the source material, the interactions are linked - one character from one sexual encounter will appear in the next, forming a daisy chain of sexual intrigue and singing.

The cast is... a lot. There’s Audra McDonald, seducing Martha Plimpton! Look, Rumer Willis can sing! Hey, George from Grey’s Anatomy (T.R. Knight) can also sing and is getting work! Is that... Caleb (Tyler Blackburn) from Pretty Little Liars serving prettier, less ‘roidy Zac Efron?? Look, there’s Tina Cohen-Chang (Jenna Ushkowitz) from Glee seducing someone in a World War II nurse’s uniform. Any actor working right now that can sing with any conviction is somehow in this movie and I kind of love it.


I’m not entirely sure how to feel about this trailer, but the fact that I’ve watched it three times, entranced and horrified, means I’ll probably rent the movie, watch it once, and never speak of it again.

Senior Writer, Jezebel

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me: ok so Cloud Atlas right

movie producer: uhuh

me: but everyone fucks

movie producer: *cigar falls out of mouth*