Hereā€™s a look at the trailer for Hello, Again, a sexy movie musical featuring a lot of people you know and some people you might recognize singing dramatically while also having sex.

Per Deadline, Hello, Again is an adaptation of a 1994 musical of the same name, which itself is a take on La Ronde, a ā€œscandal-causingā€ play by one Alfred Schnitzler, written in 1897, but first made into a film in 1950. Like a musical, sexy version of New Yearā€™s Eve, the plot follows an ensemble cast of horny people through various eras of of history in New York City. Per various descriptions of the source material, the interactions are linked - one character from one sexual encounter will appear in the next, forming a daisy chain of sexual intrigue and singing.

The cast is... a lot. Thereā€™s Audra McDonald, seducing Martha Plimpton! Look, Rumer Willis can sing! Hey, George from Greyā€™s Anatomy (T.R. Knight) can also sing and is getting work! Is that... Caleb (Tyler Blackburn) from Pretty Little Liars serving prettier, less ā€˜roidy Zac Efron?? Look, thereā€™s Tina Cohen-Chang (Jenna Ushkowitz) from Glee seducing someone in a World War II nurseā€™s uniform. Any actor working right now that can sing with any conviction is somehow in this movie and I kind of love it.

Iā€™m not entirely sure how to feel about this trailer, but the fact that Iā€™ve watched it three times, entranced and horrified, means Iā€™ll probably rent the movie, watch it once, and never speak of it again.