Watch a Full Ass-Kicking Fight Scene From Charlize Theron In Atomic Blonde

Image via Focus Features

Okay, here we go.

The promised fight scenes in the trailer for Atomic Blonde are a riot of Charlize Theron kicking the collective asses of unsuspecting men. In a full scene shared with Entertainment Weekly, we get to see British spy Lorraine Broughton knock out a bunch of authoritative dudes to her own soundtrack, taking them down with a length of hose before jumping out the dang window while swinging from a guy’s neck. It’s sick:


Director David Leitch, who is also responsible for Deadpool (which makes me nervous), was a former stunt coordinator. He’s applauded Theron’s abilities on set, saying, “When you have someone who can do it, you have a lot more freedom in how you want to express it visually. In terms of martial arts style, she gave me the flexibility to do everything I wanted to do.”

So there will be more of this? Good. Good.

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