Watch Aziz Ansari Buy Plan B in the Master of None Trailer

Given the heavy relationship content in his last standup special and the success of Modern Romance, it would seem that Aziz Ansari is positioning himself as a romantic sage of sorts. But the trailer for his upcoming Netflix series, Master of None, depicts him as just another awkward fool (named Dev) who’s clumsily navigating love, buying Plan B and talking to non-racist grandmas.

So this is what we’re used to seeing from Aziz, but as a quirky, topical series that has the quiet mood of an indie rom-com mixed with his usual race-driven humor. It looks good and will probably be worth watching (it premieres on November 6) just for his takes on our absurd relationship rules and social media habits. Plus, you have nothing better to do.

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Morifarty's ringtone

Moriarty’s Marvin Gaye Cassette tape buying Plan B was the single most awkward and embarrassing thing I have ever seen. Like, dudes. It’s fine. Stop being so fucking weird about it. Mistakes happen, we buy it, we move on. You don’t have to act like we are giving a baby up for adoption.

However he did bring me peanut M&Ms every day for the next week which was dope.