Watch Charli XCX Dance With a Lambo in Her High-Gloss 'Vroom Vroom' Video

Charli XCX’s “Vroom Vroom” is a typically delectable pop number, and as always the video delivers. Decked out in a latex bodysuit that resembles a high gloss paint job on a sports car, she sings and semi-raps about how no one can touch her in this pop world—cause baby, she’s much too fast.

To prove the point, among the choreography and cameos from spectacled PC Music label head AG Cook—who produced the song—and other artists from the London pop collective, Charli sasses in front of a door-popped Lamborghini Aventador, delivering unbothered brags: “Bitches know they can’t catch me! Cute sexy in my ride, sporty! BEEP BEEP!” Charli’s the best.


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