Watch Charli XCX, Tinashe & Ty Dolla $ign Perform With Dancing Kitties

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I enjoy how Charli, Tinashe, and Ty's performance of "Drop That Kitty" at the MTV Movie Awards was literal, in that it included a chorus line of dancers booty-popping in pink kitten costumes. But still, it could have gone farther—were real cats unavailable? They are in Hollywood, there are definitely some trained movie-kittens who need work. But then, Tinashe's such a great dancer, and she would not want to be upstaged.


Just a thought! I'm still not quite as in love with this song as Jia is, but I appreciate its significance—one of the world's best pop songwriters (Charli) pairs up with R&B's fast rising starlet (Tinashe) and deeply under-appreciated, prodigiously talented singer/producer (Ty). It's a dynamite combination, but the resultant single doesn't explode the way it should have, though it is certainly the best twerk song to reference Red Hot Chili Peppers of all time. Still, on this stage, and in Charli's interminably pop-art world—she's performing "Famous" with a giant inflatable guitar at the top of the clip—it's at least fun to watch, and the trio is basically the most next-level clique of people I would love to kick it with for 48 hours straight. Also, their lack of fear of sex in general is refreshing—Charli makes a jack-off move like four separate times, Tinashe's self-possessed dancing is fire, and Ty's just taking it all in. Sparkle motion.


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I wonder what Gwen thinks about her biting her style.