Watch FKA twigs Cover Sia's 'Elastic Heart' for BBC1

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Science says that 98 percent of people who listen to any given FKA twigs song will then immediately wonder whether she’s avoiding melodies on purpose, or what? Twigs put out a near-perfect album, and is acute, ingenious and dead-on with her aesthetic and production—but aside from a few licks in “Two Weeks,” her audience has been mainly denied melodic payoffs, with her songs curling into fraught, erotic protraction or releasing in wisps of smoke. So it’s nice to hear her on this BBC1 Live Lounge cover: she makes “Elastic Heart” sound like her own, resisting its radio-pop structure and acquiescing in turn.

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Hmmm. I think I would have enjoyed it more if she’d actual sang the song instead of just kind of breathed into the microphone. That’s basically how I feel about all her music though. And Sia wrote a gorgeous melody, especially the stripped down version of this song. So I like it when it’s actually, you know, sung.

Maybe I just don’t get it.