Watch Goapele's Breathtaking Video Tribute to Abused Women

Goapele's video for "Stronger Than Glass," a song written by Estelle, is a testament to fortitude in the face of domestic violence.


Filmed in Salton Sea, California, the video (premiering here exclusively) is a visually breathtaking series of scenic shots interspersed with interpretative moves by dancer Najah Miller. It's the second single from Goapele's album Strong As Glass, a sparse, glistening ballad about the feeling of weakness in a relationship that eventually gives way to strength: "I'm only as strong as glass/ They say I'm built to last/ But I could break."

"I found the vast expanses of this place both desolate and beautiful, a fitting location for a song that I hope will become an urgent anthem for women and girls who, like me, often feel alone or fragile," says Goapele. "This song is for those times when we feel taken for granted. It's for those moments when we feel voiceless."


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There are not enough great things to say about Goapele really. There aren't. <3