Watch J. Lo And Ja Rule Take You Back to When the VMAs Were Actually Good

After some seriously boooooooring few performances to start the MTV Video Music Awards last night, J. Lo took the stage to wake everyone the hell up.


Accepting her deserved Video Vanguard award, Lopez performed a crazy medley of her best songs, from a trippy remix of “Waiting For Tonight” to riding onto the stage on a fake 6 train car for “Jenny from the Block.” Dancing wildly in a sparkly gold leotard, she gave a performance I think we were all hungering for. And in a moment that turned back the clock on MTV to a time when it was actually good, just for a few blissful minutes, J. Lo performed “I’m Real” with Ja Rule, just as she did back in 2001 on the same stage.


Can we just admit that pop music was better in 2001 than 2018? Is it kosher to say that? I’m saying it.

Pop Culture Reporter, Jezebel

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My friend and I were texting as follows:

Me: “I have become that old person.”

Her: “Which one?”

Me: “The one who doesn’t know most of the people doing ‘music’ these days. I am baffled by most of the peeps at the VMAs tonight, save for Nicki, Ari, Camila, Shawn Mendes and Cardi B. I’m waiting for J-Lo like whoa.”

Her: “You’re doing much better than me. You lost me after Nicki, Ari and Cardi.”

Also, when did face tattoos become a thing?