The 2016 Olympics has arrived and with it, it brings the official video for Katy Perry’s Summer Games anthem, “Rise.” If you ever wanted to see Perry struggle with a parachute while dressed like one of Immortan Joe’s less popular wives, prepare to have your desires met.

While NBC previously released their own Olympics-themed video for “Rise,” one that featured several truly inspiring feats of athleticism by former Olympic competitors, you’ll never fully understand the feats of the human body until you watch Katy Perry fall down several times because of a wind machine.


Do her hair rings represent the Olympic rings? Seems like just the sort of clever thing our Katy would cook up.


Here she is stuck in a condom, an homage—perhaps—to the Olympic Village. Don’t worry, though. She gets out.


Images via screenshot/Capitol Records.


Damn, the only way I could feel more motivated is if they threw out this entire video concept and instead set “Rise” to the photos of her and naked Orlando Bloom paddleboarding in Italy.