Watch Kerry Washington Channel Anita Hill In the Confirmation Trailer

The trailer for the HBO movie about Anita Hill’s 1991 Senate testimony on the sexual harassment she faced from Justice Clarence Thomas is here.


Kerry Washington is the star of Confirmation, and as much as I love Scandal, it’s also nice to see her in a different role—and it looks like she’s going to have a busy awards season next year. The rest of the cast is equally stacked, with Wendell Pierce as Clarence Thomas, Greg Kinnear as Joe Biden (who unfortunately behaved like an asshole during the hearing) as well as Jennifer Hudson and Jeffrey Wright.

Hill’s testimony was a landmark moment in American history and opened the discussion for the first time about the issue of workplace sexual harassment. It was also the early days of Clarence Thomas being the worst.

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Already I’d like to give big props to the makeup, hair and costume team because they nailed this.

Confirmation will premiere on HBO on April 16th.

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Screenshots via HBO and Samuel Goldwyn Films.

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My dad still talks about when I was 12 and got into a HEATED debate with my uncle about Anita Hill and Clarence Thomas, to the point my aunt thought I was rude. My dad always says he had never been prouder of me.

Also, Kerry Washington is painfully beautiful, even in early 90's gear.