Watch Rihanna Fantasize About Incredible Sex in the 'Kiss It Better' Video

Rihanna has a potent, wind-powered imagination in the video for one of her sexiest songs ever, “Kiss It Better.” As she worms around with nothing but black in the background, in her sheerest lingerie, it’s obvious what she’s thinking about is how good it was, physically but not emotionally.


We feel that she’s lost in the moment, remembering or anticipating the subject of the song. Still, this is one of those addictive, potentially damaging sexual relapses that seems to only feel good in the moment: “Take it back all night,” but “it hurts inside when I look you in your eye,” basically. It’s very different from “Work.” Anyway, Rihanna looks gorgeous as usual, and all anyone will be able to focus on are the nipple rings peeking through.

Culture Editor, Jezebel

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Kate Dries