Watch Rihanna Grind On Drake in the Teaser for the 'Work' Video

Rihanna is here to get you ready for the freakin’ weekend (ha) with a teaser of the music video for her single, “Work” featuring Drake and Drake’s still-working-for-me beard.


The dancehall-inspired track naturally includes Rihanna—in a Rastafarian-patterned mesh dress from Tommy Hilfiger—and her girls getting down in somebody’s basement/bar.

The full video will be released on Monday, but in the meantime, we can all admire some impressive wining skills:


Rihanna and that bomb-ass bob watching herself dance in a mirror:

And of course, Drizzy—who is somehow managing to rock a full on sweatsuit in what looks like a pretty warm room—living his best life and being grinded upon by Rihanna:


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They’re hella sexy together. It’s almost annoying.

No it’s not, it’s hella sexy. No wonder she didn’t come home from Toronto until a week later. Get it girl.

Seriously those two are so cute together. I’m disgusted.