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For RuPaul's Drag Race fans, the "Snatch Game" episode is basically our birthdays. Based on the old game show The Match Game—a choice which hearkens back to Ru's obsession with television of the '70s and '80s—each queen is tasked with impersonating a personality of their choice and competing in a fashion that shows off their comedy chops.

If you've been watching this season, it's probably needless to say that we've been approaching this day with the standard anticipation as well as a little bit of dread. Though most of the queens look great, they've been lacking in the acting department and—with the exception of Ginger Minj—none of them really seemed capable of being exceptionally funny on command. So when "Snatch Game" aired last night, I was prepared for an epic disaster, or at the very least a shining example of what we know as the deep strugg(le)s.


There were a few problems: both Miss Fame and Violet Chachki were planning on doing Donatella Versace (of course they were) but eventually Chachki backed down and went as former Drag Race contestant Alyssa Edwards, which ended up being much funnier than Fame's confusing Donatella (accent: Russian). Jaidynn Diore Fierce went as Raven Symone (??) and Max as former Drag Race superstar Sharon Needles, both of which sent me into nap zone. (They were the final two, lip-syncing to the great "No More Lies," and Max's boring-ass Needles sent her home. How is it even possible to do a boring Sharon Needles?!)

To our complete surprise, though, some of this was GREAT! Pearl flossed some new personality as Mob Wives's Big Ang, Kennedy Davenport did a riotous Little Richard that even impressed Michelle "I hate boy drag" Visage, Ginger Minj was hilarious as Adele, and even Suze Orman, portrayed by Katya, was surprisingly funny.

Special guests Tamar Braxton and Michael Urie loved those four, and Adele and Little Richard tied for the crown. Appropriately for their impersonations, they both won some feather accessories that looked like a cross between boas and costumes from The Crow.

Pearl's Big Ang voice kills me, and there were sooooo many lewd jokes (it's written in the rules that you gotta). Watch the full episode here.

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