Watch Ryan Adams Do a Stripped Down Version of Bruce Springsteen's 'Streets of Philadelphia'

Image via screenshot
Image via screenshot

A man who never met a song by someone else he didn’t want to try and tackle, Ryan Adams’s latest is Bruce Springsteen’s “Streets of Philadelphia.”

Going acoustic for this performance (no classic drums like in the original) for BBC Radio’s 6 Music’s celebration this week of the year 1994, the song sounds like it would fit really well on one of his early albums—Heartbreaker or maybe Gold.


Here, naturally, is Bruce’s:

Adams’s new album Prisoner is out now, and has scored a spot on the Billboard Top 10, if you care about that stuff. If you care about the fact that it’s good, check it out.

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What do serious Springsteen fans think about Philadelphia? I’ve always really loved that song and thought it was wonderfully evocative (like a lot of his music), but Springsteen is generally only sometimes on my radar, so I wonder if my love for this song is like when someone says that Shiny Happy People is their favorite REM song or something.