Watch Taraji P. Henson Blow Shit Up In the Trailer for Proud Mary

Screengrab via Facebook/BuzzFeed.
Screengrab via Facebook/BuzzFeed.

Action, adventure, women wearing wigs while kicking ass. That’s all I want in a movie, yet the fact that Proud Mary also stars Taraji P. Henson is a huge bonus.

The first trailer was published by BuzzFeed, even though it should have been sent directly to my email, Deadline reports that the plot follows an assassin named Mary who “meets a young boy who awakens in her a maternal instinct she never knew she had.”

Hmm. Don’t know about that. Can’t a woman just shoot guns in a warehouse and hang out with sexy dudes and never come across a child for two hours? If the trailer is any indication, the kid doesn’t play as big a part as watching Henson get dressed in her assassin outfit. Perhaps the “maternal instincts” don’t kick in until the credits start to roll. That would be acceptable.

Proud Mary doesn’t come out until 2018, and I look forward to many more trailers in the interim. You know where to send them.

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sounds like the premise behind man on fire and leon the professional. loved those movies like i’m sure i’ll love this one. i’ll definitely take my dad to this, he loves taraji, especially after carter in person of interest. first movie i’ll go to the cinema to see this year