Watch Taylor Swift, Lorde and Haim Lose Their Minds to Rihanna Performing at Coachella

Taylor Swift will never forget this moment—the time Rihanna joined Swift’s boyfriend Calvin Harris onstage at Coachella for “We Found Love,” and Swift was catapulted into total exultation with her friends Haim and Lorde and Camilla Cabello (Fifth Harmony!) and Serayah and maybe some other people from her ‘Chella squad—like model Martha Hunt, who may be seen here doing the choreography from Fifth’s “Work” video.


Afterward, Taylor and Rihanna actually met, and hugged, as chronicled by this enterprising YouTuber’s compilation of relevant Snaps and Instavids:

More fascinating than the three-second fan hug Swift gives Riri is Swift’s enthusiastic EDM pogo’ing to the tweakiest parts of her man-friend’s DJ set, which affords us all the opportunity to imagine her going buck at Electric Daisy Carnival, possibly in one of those handmade bustiers that attendees glue with silk daisies from the dollar store. Fascinating!


Here’s Rihanna’s full performance of the track with Calvin; she’s been performing a truncated version of the song on her Anti tour, but mixing it into a medley of “How Deep Is Your Love” with voguing choreography. The best part is when she lifts her arms in her fringed American flag leather, and looks like an eagle set to take flight.

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fondue process

someday I’d like to go to coachella, but only when I have enough money to hire chris hemsworth to carry me around bran-stark-and-hodor style for three days straight.