Watch the Fun, Lighthearted Romp of a Trailer for The Incredible Jessica James

Here’s the long-awaited trailer (via Entertainment Weekly) for The Incredible Jessica James, the Netflix movie starring former Daily Show correspondent Jessica Williams as a character with the same first name. Is that confusing? It’s okay. Give it a minute.

The film, which will be released on Netflix July 28, is a rom-com of the young-person-in-the-big city-variety that serves as a vehicle for Williams’ talent to shine through. There she is, tackling manspreading and dealing with the scourge of bad men with questionable beards on Tinder dates, just like many of us have at some point in our lives. The plot is fairly basic: Jessica James is a playwright dealing with a myriad of rejection in the wake of her breakup with her boyfriend Damon (LaKeith Stanfield). She eventually meets Boone (Chris O’Dowd), an app designer, and while I haven’t seen the film yet, I imagine there’s a lot of “will they or won’t they” before they finally, actually do.

In a review published in the Hollywood Reporter in January after the film’s premiere at Sundance, Todd McCarthy said:

But The Incredible Jessica James cannot be mistaken for anything other than Williams’ calling-card movie, and she lays her abilities out there for all to see: high energy, eruptive humor, vaunting ambition, considerable ego, a nimble mood gearshift box and an endless belief in her own talent. She’s got a lot to offer, the door’s been opened, and now we’ll see what she does with it.


I cant wait!

Senior Writer, Jezebel

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july 28th can’t come fast enough.

on another note, has anyone else watched glow yet? is it worth a shot?