Watch the House of Cards Season 4 Trailer, in Which Frank and Claire Are Fully At War

What does divorce look like in the White House? If it involves Frank and Claire Underwood of House of Cards, apparently, people are being smothered with drinking glasses and a faucet is dripping blood.


Netflix is releasing the fourth season of House of Cards on March 4, and though the trailer doesn’t show much, the montage suggests that it’s all-out war between Frank and Claire. If you need a refresher, Frank abandoned his former life-and-cigarettes partner Claire in a number of her schemes last season. With their two-person army disbanded, she left him. Neither Frank nor his ego could stomach that betrayal, especially just after they’d stolen the presidency of the United States together. Now the guns are out—or rather, the glasses? Can you really suffocate someone with a drinking glass?

Anyway, here’s what’s really important: There will be more sex scenes with Remy Danton.


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Snake Person

I’m not ready for this yet. First time I’ve ever said this about a new season of HOC, but...

I’m just not in the mood. Maybe by March. Maybe.