Watch the New VHS-Wave Video for Phoebe Ryan's Sugar-Sweet Single 'Mine'

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LA-based singer-songwriter Phoebe Ryan has a voice like cotton candy: you might remember it from her A/B cover of “Ignition”/“Do You,” or from this debut single Mine, an ardent, blissed-out earworm whose group hug of a chorus is balanced out by the misty wistfulness that sharpens the verse. “Mine” sounds like candy and leaves you with a bit of an ache—and we’re premiering a new video for it, which follows Phoebe onstage, backstage, and on the road.


The home-camcorder-style video (complete with very adorable, rebus-interrupted lyrics popping up on the screen) was shot by Kimi Selfridge, also known as Tan Camera, also known as the photographer behind A$AP Rocky’s Instagram collages. Phoebe Ryan’s EP, also titled Mine, is out now. She’s on tour from now until the beginning of November, supporting Say Lou Lou and then Smallpools: you can check out all those dates here.


Image via Phoebe Ryan, by Jeaneen Lund

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shweet i’m moving today and have an insurmountable amount of packing to do this morning and the ONLY thing i was missing (besides most of the things i need for packing) was a song to toss my ponytail around to YOUR TIMING IS PERFECT