Watch the Stonewall Trailer and Cry With Us

In September, Stonewall, the film chronicling the gay rights movement in New York City, will hit theaters and I’ll be there, in tears. This trailer is uber dramatic and I’m not just talking about Jonathan Rhys Meyers’ intense stare—though it is, as usual, intense as hell.


Meyers plays Trevor, a leader of the movement. Jeremy Irvine plays Danny, a gay middle American, who moves to New York in the 1970s and falls in with some street kids including Jonny Beauchamp as Ray Castro, a trans kid who welcomes Danny into his circle. Their story becomes that of the historic Stonewall riots, a day in late June of 1969 in which gays fought back against police raids at New York’s Stonewall Inn and kickstarted gay liberation. The film, directed by Roland Emmerich (2012; The Day After Tomorrow), is out September 25.

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Oh hooray. The first Stonewall movie is about a fictional white gay male. This erases the BLACK trans woman who actually was the first to throw something (Marsha P. Johnson, if you’re wondering). It erases all the dykes who were being raped and arrested and who fought on the front lines of basically every important queer movement in history. :/

Seriously though. That dude threw the first brick? That’s the most erasing of erasures I have seen in a long time. I cried. But not for the same reasons I think Hillary probably did. It’s bad enough that every damned queer story is about some annoying white dude. FAR worse when they replace a trans woman of colour with one. $1000 says butches and other queer women will be in background shots maybe if they are even included. Fuck me. Imma skip this movie. HARD PASS.