Watch the Trailer for HBO's Feature-Length Series Finale of Looking

Looking, the HBO series about a small group of gay men in San Francisco, was canceled in early 2015 after two seasons on the air, with the promise the story would conclude with a feature-length finale. It’s been over a year since that announcement, and we finally have a trailer.


Though initially hesitant to watch the show—I waited until the premiere of its second season to give it a shot—I was eventually won over by its earnestness. This wasn’t a generation-defining look at modern life as a gay man in the United States, but a simple story about a teeny tiny collection of impossible-to-relate-to characters whom I ended up caring about.

Based on its trailer, the series-concluding movie picks up some years after we last saw Patrick, Augustin, Richie and Kevin (don’t forget my favorites, Doris and Dom), and chronicles an eventful wedding weekend during which they all reconnect.


Will Patrick run into Richie’s arms, or will he go running back to Kevin? Will Augustin reconcile with Eddie? Will Doris and Dom finally get the spinoff they deserve? We’ll find out when Looking: The Movie premieres next month. I’m annoyed by how excited I am.

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Doris was the best. Lauren Weedman should be in everything.