Watch the Trailer for Mindy Kaling's New Show Champions

Image via screenshot/NBC
Image via screenshot/NBC

It’s been just a couple of months since The Mindy Project ended and Mindy Kaling—in addition to starring roles in the upcoming Ocean’s Eight and A Wrinkle in Time—is already back with a new TV show.


The new show, Champions, stars Kaling as Priya, an old ex-girlfriend of Vince (Workaholics’ Anders Holm.) One day Priya turns back up in Vince’s life again, revealing to him that she actually had his baby when she was just a freshman in college. She asks him to share custody of their now teenage son and I assume Vince, who seems like a bumbling bachelor from the trailer, will have his work cut out for him.

The show looks cute and seems tonally in line with The Mindy Project. But even though this might be Kaling’s project, the real star of Champions looks like it will be Priya’s theater-kid teen son Michael, played by J.J. Totah. He has all the best lines in the trailer including, “Isn’t New York spectacular? Even this cheap poor part!”


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Where are my keys?

wait, so, does this anders guy always have beach vacation ken doll hair like that or it is the character? becayse lol

I’ll watch the pilot at least. For Mama Mindy.