Watch This Trailer for The BFG Movie and Flash Back to Your School Library

Relevant to the interests of both Roald Dahl fans and anybody dying to see Wolf Hall star Mark Rylance as a computer-generated giant with large ears, it’s the full trailer for Disney’s adaptation of The BFG!


Steven Spielberg is directing, which is due out July 1. Everybody get excited to go cry and cry at the existential bleakness underlying this and every other great British children’s novel.

Senior Editor, Attic Haunter, Jezebel

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Mr. Spaceman

On the last day of school in fifth grade, my teacher gave me his old, worn copy of the BFG (my then-favourite book) with an inscription telling me he was proud of how well I had done that year and that I should keep reading. I had only barely scraped through fourth grade with a great deal of extra attention from that year’s teacher (there was no one to assist with students like me in those days), and came through fifth grade with straight As.

I have moved probably 20 times in the 35 years since then, including internationally, and that copy of the BFG always finds a prominent place on my bookshelf.

Yes, I will see this movie.