Watch this Young Woman Rap With Kendrick Lamar On Stage and Kill It

During his performance at the Sweetlife Festival in Maryland on Saturday, Kendrick Lamar gave fans the golden opportunity to hop on stage and rap with him. This young woman killed it.

In the footage above, Lamar first warns, “You gotta know every single motherfuckin’ word to ‘m.A.A.d city’ if I bring you on this stage.” He then gives a shot to a dude named Jonathan Neman, who happens to be the CEO of the salad spot Sweetgreen, which puts on this festival.

After Neman totally bombs the lyrics, Lamar kicks him off stage and tries again.

“For some reason, anytime I bring a young lady up here, they always outdo the men that come up here.” Because men are doofuses, maybe, Kendrick. Watch around the 5:50 as Ayanna naturally makes up for Neman’s fumble and gets the crowd amped, almost outshining Lamar himself. Props to Ayanna, who knew every single motherfuckin’ word.


Kendrick’s response: “She killed that shit.”

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Omg! This is me!!! Thanks so much for spelling my name correctly.