Watch Twin Peaks Stars Plea for David Lynch to Return

As previously reported, Twin Peaks is coming back! (YEAHHH!) But then David Lynch backed out because Showtime isn't giving him enough money to realize his vision. (NOOO!) But now, the original cast has made a collective video plea for his return (YEAHHH!) and it's awesome to see the crew back in the game, even the people who we see all the time anyway (Lara Flynn Boyle's face, looking at you).

Each cast member begins, "Twin Peaks without David Lynch is like..." and completes the sentence with an analogy referring to her or his character. Appropriately, it kicks off with Sheryl Lee (Laura Palmer!) in like, her backyard, saying the show without Lynch is like "a girl without a secret."

Also present: eyebrow queen Sherilynn Fenn, Dana Ashbrook (BOBBY!!), James Marshall (JAMES!!!) the aforementioned-everywhere Lara Flynn Boyle, and Catherine E. Coulson (aka THE LOG LADY), among others. It's certainly the start of a social media campaign to get dude back on the project, and fans will be thankful because let's be real: nobody, nobody wants to see Twin Peaks without Lynch's involvement. Literally the only person who could replace him is like, Werner Herzog, and that's probably not gonna happen.


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gosford parkour

I've avoided David Lynch's work because of all the hype, but I figured I'd give it a try. Would anybody be willing to suggest a good starting point?