Ways to Improve Cher's New Marc Jacobs Campaign

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Somehow perennial goddess/life diva/inspirational tweeter Cher just turned 69 years old (!) which makes her the perfect candidate to helm an international fashion campaign: she’s starring in Marc Jacobs’ Fall/Winter looks in a Bonham-Carteresque black Victorian gown, looking at the camera as if she knows everything in the world, and what’s more, she knows you know.


It is perfect. But what is perfection if not motivation to aim a little higher? There are ways to make this Cher campaign better, things they could have done to elevate the look:

1. More cats

2. Make her eyes follow you when you move

3. Blingee

4. Chad Michaels

5. Seance table

6. 3D!

7. Autotune!

8. Bob Mackie

9. More Cher

10. All expense paid trip to the Bahamas!

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Morifarty's ringtone

alcon, rogue and adultosaur this is the outfit we will wear to all our coven meetings please plan accordingly.